ECHO Outreach Ministries puts faith into action by serving people in crisis and poverty in Leon County since April 1981. ECHO was started by Toni Tran, who chose the name with the idea that those who have received love and blessings from the Lord would in turn share, or “ECHO” love and blessings with those in need in their own communities.  With the support of five churches in downtown Tallahassee, ECHO was born, and is still blessed today by the contributions, and prayers of many generous congregations in our area. ECHO has grown into the largest Christian human services agency in Tallahassee, directly assisting thousands of people each year in our community.

We offer professional services through programs providing emergency relief and family sustainability to impoverished Leon County residents, and the homeless. ECHO’s clients are served through 4 programs:  Emergency Resources, Family Services, Housing Assistance, and The Furniture Bank of Tallahassee,. With a small staff and a large volunteer base, our programs are designed to assist people in their efforts to become independent, productive, and stable. We believe that encouragement, planning, and hope will be the impetus for lasting change and those who live under the burden of poverty can rise above it and lead fuller and more productive lives.