Putting faith into action by serving people in crisis & poverty

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Freddy Branham, Executive Director
850-224-3246 ext 204

Sabrina Austin, Director, Emergency Resources Program
850-224-3246 ext 206

Kescia Pride, Case Manager, Emergency Resources Program
850-224-3246 ext 207

Fundra Hart, Director, Family Services Program

Kiamani Troupe, Case Manager, Family Services Program

Jon Hinkle, Manager, Furniture Bank of Tallahassee
850-224-3246 ext 205

Stephen Blakemore, Donations Associate

Paula Wibberley, Housing Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator
850-224-3246 ext 211

Nancy Burke, Assistant to the Director
850-224-3246 ext 209

Lesley Lewis, Bookkeeper
850-224-3246 ext 203