ECHO’s Resources Program provides a broad array of basic necessities, supportive services, and referrals to provide an immediate first step to self-sufficiency for our clients. This program is open to people living in the Big Bend area who are experiencing poverty, homelessness, or other crisis situations. There are no charges for our services. We provide the following items (as donations permit):
  • Food
  • Clothing and thrift store partner vouchers
  • Diapers, formula and car seats
  • Referrals to other agencies
  • Seasonal items (coats, heaters, fans)
  • Housewares
  • Toiletries
We also provide assistance with filing for eligible government benefits (i.e. SNAP, Medicaid, as well as housing counseling and referrals to other agencies). Especially important, our clients that are experiencing homelessness can use our office address as a mailing address. Our Case Managers meet privately with each client. Each meeting includes a needs assessment, and determination by the counselor of whether the client possesses any physical or mental disabilities that will prohibit his/her ability to progress to a higher level of self-sufficiency. If such a barrier exists, the client is placed in our Maintain Program. Clients in this program are eligible to receive assistance once within a 12-month period of time for each type of item listed above. If the client shows no evidence of physical or mental disabilities they are included in our Path Forward Program. The client is provided food or other assistance as requested during the initial visit. Also during the initial visit the staff member and client work together to determine what steps should be taken to reach a higher level of self-sufficiency. A goal may be to enroll in a GED course, apply for employment opportunities or to apply for citizenship. Evidence of movement toward a goal is required prior to these clients receiving services from ECHO in the future. In order to receive services, clients must present a photo ID.